cam | 14 | he/him
hey! my names cam im a gay aquarius
i love my boyfriend jess to the moon and back

mouse boyfriend..

im dating jess we've been dating since 3/9/17 and i love him so munch -3- hes the best boyfriend in the world and i care about him so dam much..he makes me really happy! hes also a really cute pretty boy hes so beautiful *clowns* i just love jess so much..uuuhhhgf thanks im gay


  • persona series
  • love live
  • osu
  • project diva x
  • splatoon
  • legend of zelda series
  • danganronpa series
  • cardcaptor sakura
  • neon genesis evangelion
  • komaedalovemail
  • gorillaz
  • mp100
  • vocaloid
  • yume nikki